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School Classroom Motivational Scented Stickers for kids

School Classroom Motivational Scented Stickers for kids

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NOTE: This item is available for Pre-Sale order only at the moment. These Scented Stickers are made on demand that will be individually personalised per your requirement. Examples that are available are:

  • Personalised Teacher Name with Great Work etc
  • Incentive word with Braille on for blind children (available soon)
  • Personalised incentive words in both English and the chosen language

All Stickers come in the scents listed. 

NOTE: These sticker rolls are also available unscented for any children who may have allergy-related issues. Prices for non-scented rolls of stickers will be $30 for each roll. 

Stickers will be 2.5cm in diameter (0.98inch) in size. There are 25 stickers on each roll. These stickers are handmade and printed by myself. 

Stickers will be available on sticker rolls. 

Processing times from Design to Shipping could take up to 1-2 months including International shipping times. 

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